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Certified Advanced Rolfer

With over 15 years experience, I have been practising Rolfing full-time since being certified as a Rolfing practitioner and Rolf Movement practitioner in 1998, since which time I have completed extensive continuing education in Rolfing as well as supplementary disciplines. In 2007 I qualified as a Certified Advanced Rolfing Practitioner. I qualified as a Cranial Sacral Therapist in 2003 and completed the Body Control Pilates teacher training in 2002.  I specialise in postural alignment, structural integration, myofascial release, stress and pain management, scoliosis, repetitive strain injuries, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, injury prevention and treatment.

Postural alignment includes reducing excessive lordosis and kyphosis and the result often significantly reduces chronic pain.  Clients report a greater sense of wellbeing, bodily comfort and more ease of movement and functionality. I am primarily a Rolfing practitioner whose two-year training in Cranial Sacral Therapy has informed and improved the quality of my touch.  Similarly my Body Control Pilates training has informed my practice by deepening my knowledge of exercises available to give to clients as ‘homework'.  Nevertheless I will often refer my clients to dedicated therapists in Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Pilates,  and additionally to Osteopathy, Alexander Technique, Feldenkreis and Nutrition specialists where it is felt that these modalities will complement the Rolfing work, thus enabling me to focus on Rolfing only.

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