Alan Richardson – Certified Advanced Rolfer in London and North London

Rolfing is a method of aligning posture by systematically treating the myofascial system over a course sessions called the Rolfing Series. Rolfing clients who have completed the Rolfing Series have reported the following: reduced musculoskeletal pain — commonly neck, jaw, shoulders and back; improvement in RSI; reduction in scoliosis; increased mobility and range of movement; reduction in size of ganglion;  flat feet developing arches; reduction or disappearance of toe, foot and ankle pain (and delight in the newfound movement); being able to stop using foot orthotics; improved and fuller breathing; help with constipation; reduced stomach pain; less stress and better handling of stress – see testimonials.

After the Rolfing Series clients frequently report that general body use and common actions are easier, such as swivelling the body round to park a car, sitting effortlessly at a computer where previously there had been discomfort, walking and running. People have reported feeling stronger, taller and more flexible, and commonly more aware of their body after doing the Rolfing Series, so that they will naturally avoid actions that would previously have caused pain and tension. Some people say they deal with stress better. One client reported that she could hold physical space in a more powerful way and as a result felt more confident and lighter in her attitude.

For videos on the Rolfing Series see here

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Imagine if you could observe briefly at a random point in any Rolfing session and make a short thirty-second reel for Instagram.  Then you make similar reels for a myofascial release session, one for massage and another for physiotherapy. When you compare the reels...

I am going to keep this short and simple and from the heart. I cannot recommend Alan highly enough. He’s superb at what he does; both empathetic and professional. Rolfing® structural integration works. You feel deep down that you know it’s doing something fundamental. It integrates your body and acts at such a profound level like nothing else. Whether you’re looking for something specific or just a general tune-up – it works.


His gait has also improved and he has become more body-aware. He looks stronger, more robust and better balanced, more comfortable in his body. As an added bonus his confidence and self esteem have been noticeably boosted – he looks me in the eye more.

I am so delighted we have gone down the Rolfing route. It was the right course of action for Joey. I highly recommend Rolfing to anyone…


Dear Alan,

many thanks for the amazing Rolfing and the invigorating banter – I miss them both!

Here are some thoughts on what I got out of it:

Cured my lower back pain, made me much much more aware of how I use my body, so I have noticed how I am preventing further strains – I am feeling pains much less often and a much greater sense of energy.

So thank-you very very much!


“I have less pain. I sleep better. I walk better. I feel better. I feel more grounded. I just feel stronger, more confident. Walking, standing, sitting. I’m doing it all a bit better than I used to and I feel it. People have asked if I have started exercising. (I haven’t.) They say I seem happier, stronger, healthier. And it’s true, I feel all of those things. I’m just more comfortable being me. So I keep going.

So do I recommend Rolfing with Alan Richardson? Absolutely!”  MARCIA MURPHY


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